Dog Chewing Problems

Dog chewing problems can be very frustrating to deal it. Many dog owners experience the frustration of having a new puppy tear up their your favorite pair of shoes, or destroying the corner of their favorite couch.

Unfortunately chewing behavior is very natural for dogs, and it is something that they need to do in order to help maintain their dental health. Not only that, it helps relieve some of their stress and is actually a way to enrich their lives.

But dog chewing problems can be very detrimental to our house and to the things that we love. Before we go about learning how to stop dog chewing problems, let’s look some of the more common causes of it.

1. Too Much Energy: The dog may not be getting enough exercise, so chewing on things is one way to get rid of extra energy.

2. Bored: I believe one of the main causes of dog chewing problems is simply that they are bored. They may not have enough toys to play with, or are bored because there are simply not enough activities.

3: Tooth Pain: Many puppies, when they’re going to through the teething process will chew on things to help relieve some of that pain.

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