Online French Translation Options

Are you contemplating using French-English translation tools? If your business deals with French speaking clients, then knowing French becomes paramount, as it will improve communication and leave no room for ambiguities.

However, unless you are proficient in French, you will never know whether the tool used for French translation is accurate and whether the text you have translated will convey your message to the recipient. Perhaps, these are the biggest drawbacks of using the different translation tools that are available today.

Translation Tools

When translating from English to French, a person has the following options:

• Using a French-English dictionary
• Using different translation software
• Using electronic translators

Each of these methods has its own drawback and limitation.


Using a bilingual French-English dictionary can be a painstaking way to translate a text or message. It involves a word-by-word translation and the person is never sure whether the resultant translation actually conveys the message in correct French or not. Using a dictionary for French translation is tedious and does not assure quality translation results.

Online Translation Software

There are many online translation software. These can be either paid or free software. Paid software are usually expensive and once again the results are not guaranteed. Even the free software, which are available on various websites dedicated to French English translation, use the same methodology of translating as paid software.

Invariably, online translation software falls short of the desired results. They cannot translate the words in context of the sentence and the results are often dismal. They are fine if the person wants a gist, but not suitable for an actual and grammatically correct French translation.

Electronic Translator

This portable device is a rage with students and travelers. It helps to translate common and simple words and phrases, but cannot aid with complex sentences. Hence, an electronic translator for French English translation will not be of use to a person.

Furthermore, many people use these resources also to learn French. However, they are not recommended, as they do not teach learners the grammar, syntax, verb conjugation (which is important in French) and pronunciation.

Learning French

There is no magic formula to learn French or translate English text to understandable French. It requires energy, patience and time. When a person opts to learn French, it requires an actual learning process and some practice later on.

By spending just 15 minutes every day to read, write, and listen to French-speaking tapes and doing grammar exercises, a person can learn the language easily. However, if a person does not have the inclination to go to a language school, they can opt for an online French language course.

An online French language course can be extremely useful, as it will help a person learn vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and verb conjugation. It allows the learner to pace the lessons to suit their learning needs and styles, and time schedules. The learner can study when they want, as the course is offered online.

The flexibility offered by an online French language course can make learning enjoyable and interesting. And, after the person masters the language, French into English translation will be a cake walk!