Dog Chewing Problems

Dog chewing problems can be very frustrating to deal it. Many dog owners experience the frustration of having a new puppy tear up their your favorite pair of shoes, or destroying the corner of their favorite couch.

Unfortunately chewing behavior is very natural for dogs, and it is something that they need to do in order to help maintain their dental health. Not only that, it helps relieve some of their stress and is actually a way to enrich their lives.

But dog chewing problems can be very detrimental to our house and to the things that we love. Before we go about learning how to stop dog chewing problems, let’s look some of the more common causes of it.

1. Too Much Energy: The dog may not be getting enough exercise, so chewing on things is one way to get rid of extra energy.

2. Bored: I believe one of the main causes of dog chewing problems is simply that they are bored. They may not have enough toys to play with, or are bored because there are simply not enough activities.

3: Tooth Pain: Many puppies, when they’re going to through the teething process will chew on things to help relieve some of that pain.

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Dog Names: Who Needs a Good Dog Name?

Well the answer to that question is easy. Almost everyone faced with bringing a new puppy or adult dog home or just considering getting a dog soon have to spend time thinking about a name. Picking the right Dog Name while not a terrifying situation should be done with some care so you don’t make a mistake that later comes back to haunt you.

When picking dog names for the new addition to you home it always pays to use a bit of creative thinking and a dose of common sense. Picking a Dog Name like Shorty or Peewee for a large breed dog puppy might be amusing and suit the puppy for a few months but might end up being just silly for the many years you own a very large dog.

When trying to choose the right Dog Name you might want to spend some time or even a few days to discover the dog’s personality. Dogs all have different personalities and behaviors that should give you perspectives about it to help choose an appropriate name. If the dog is one that likes physical affection you might not want to name it something like Cuddles.

In attempting to find the right dog names you might want to think about one of your puppy’s physical characteristics. Does the dog have long ears that hang down? If so you might want to pick a name like Floppy. You could also use something distinct about the dog’s coloration. Names like Spot or Patches have traditionally been used for dogs that have different color patches of hair.

Many people like to pick a currently popular Dog Name. There are websites and books available that keep track of the recent favorite names. Some people like to pick a Dog Name from a favorite person from television, from history or the movies.

Some dog owners like to pick a name from Mythological stories. A Dog Name like Hercules or Thor may suit some dogs. Of course this might end up in your explaining the name whenever you tell somebody what you named your dog if you pick an obscure one. You might find this interesting, sparking conversation, but it also might wear thin. So pick carefully, the name will last as long as your dog.

The choices are almost endless but keep in mind the idea that you will be using whatever name you pick over and over every day. So choose wisely.