Online news sites

The online media works in a much faster way. Some literature reviews suggest the less importance of offline media like paper based news and television news channels. Some surveys have pointed out the real difference between the two approaches. What ever the difference is, the target audience and age groups are different for online and offline news. Your grandma or some elder in the family doesn’t like to operate a computer and feels great to watch some news channel on a specific time. Can you force him to open an online news channel and start searching? (I think it will be a very difficult job). If she’s used to watching TV news channel for the last 15 years, you can’t make her read news via online news websites.

Whatever the case may be, if you are a new generation person, online news is no problem for you. (Think of generation X people and compare them with today’s work force). There’s a lot of difference in the work attitude of the 2 generations. If you don’t get time from your office work to read a news paper, you can read the same online version, after reaching your office. Keep working on your PC and keep looking at the online news from sites like If you work for some journalism or information agency, then it’s important that you have important news updates on time. Open the online browser of CNN or BBC and enjoy the news updates. At least you will get some information from the online sources.